About Prints!

This document is currently out of date and will be updated soon!

Please inquire for more details.

I believe strongly in the value and importance real photographs are to our life story!
Beginning in 2012 I have added "Print Credit" to all wedding packages.

My lab uses Kodak Professional Premium paper available in 3 paper types:

ENDURA Premier Paper - Kodak's gold standard for professional prints.  It is the most popular photographic paper.  As a professional paper, it boasts rich, sharp color that won't fade or yellow, creating beautiful prints that will last for years to come.  Matte finish.

ENDURA Premier Metallic - This paper has a distinctive, attention-getting, glossy finish and metallic appearance that will draw all eyes to your images.  The metallic paper helps create striking, glamorous  prints with color and depth for a dramatic look.

True Black & White - Matte finish True B&W Photo Paper offers rich black, continuous-tone prints, avoiding any tints of color.

My lab offers many print sizes to meet almost any photo requirement.  Prints are purchased directly from your online image gallery.  I suggest selecting prints in these common sizes as "Frames" are available for these standards at retail, craft and hobby stores.

4x6 - $2.00

5x7 - $4.00

8x10 - $6.00

16x20 - $18.00

As you can see my print costs are very reasonable!  I do this so you don't have to settle for lower quality.  I want my customers to have great prints!  Simply put, my labs are much better than the local Wally Store or Drug Mart.  It's important to me that you have keepsakes that last a life time.

Print Credit may also be applied toward Wedding Album or Photo Book options if purchased through Ed White Photography.